One of the best things about blogging is community. Engaging other people in the blogosphere with similar ideas, and more than that, different ideas, is great fun. A pool of humans all interacting and sharing their individual expression, be it writing, photos, paintings, sketches, food, crafts, whatever coming together to encourage one another. For the most part anyway.

I say for the most part because one thing that really grabs my attention as I page through so many blogs is the amount of pain on display. There are so many bloggers whose writing reflects hurt and suffering. Their pages are a platform for getting that pain out, almost like they are just a bottle, and this is a channel for pouring out that which is just not welcome in their world. And I’m not here to bash anyone, hear me out.

I can understand the need to pour out. And venting is good. Sharing your hurt is sometimes the most therapeutic thing you can do for yourself. However, I would say pouring and venting should be a blip or a speed bump and not a place to pull over. What are you creating for yourself? What belief system are you crafting that will ultimately define your world. And this is not about your faith, this is about what you believe about yourself and how you approach the world around you.

You have to be careful with what you constantly and even sporadically speak and write, because you believe you more than anyone else. You believe what you are writing or it wouldn’t make it into written word. And more than that, what you focus your energy on, grows. Believe it or not, psychological jibber jabber that troubles each person gets larger if you give it more attention. Feeding the animal makes it grow.

The key is to focus attention away from the jibber jabber and into logical, meaningful, beneficial experiences as well as internal and external dialogue. This will create a better thought life which then materializes into a better physical life. Focusing on your depression and that which saddens you grows your suffering more than you can understand. You are not at the mercy of your mind. Thoughts come and go, how you handle them is your choice.

I know a lot of people think they are simply victims of their thoughts and when negative thoughts arise, they feel helpless and simply say “Oh well, here we go again.” The truth is, here you go again, ONLY if you want to. You are in control. If a dragon knocks on your door, you either lay down and prepare to be eaten, or you grab a sword. It really is that simple.

Choose. Life. Choose. Positivity. Choose it. Intentionally. Turn away from the dark parts and be grateful for the light in your life. Grateful for the blessings in your life. A grateful heart is the most effective remedy for any ailment you can think of. And while I have your attention, let me tell you a couple of things:

You are a beautiful creation.
You may look in the mirror and see someone not quite good enough for whatever limitations the world has made you believe exist. You are a beautiful creation. You were made to stand out and not to fit in. You were made to make a unique contribution to the world. You were made to conquer whatever battle you are facing and help others just like you believe in themselves. You are beautiful.

You are stronger than you believe you are.
Whatever you are facing, you are stronger than you think you are. Every lie in your mind would have you believe the opposite, because as long as you believe those lies, you can never win. If you believe you’re defeated you are. If you believe you’re a warrior, you are. Ask yourself this, have you ever not made it? You are stronger than any mistake you may have made in the past, and nothing is so awful that it cannot be overcome.

Fear is a lie.
I’ll say it again, fear is a lie. There are real dangers, getting hit by a bus if you don’t look both ways before crossing the street. Getting struck by lightning if you stand outside in a thunderstorm. Life comes with risks. We acknowledge them, we take precautions to avoid getting hurt. But fear is a lie. Most of all, those that come with depression and anxiety. Take a deep breath, step back, assess the circumstances and remind yourself of the reality of the situation, don’t blindly accept the lies.

You are only defeated if you believe you are.
You decide when the battle is over. You decide whether the dragon gets vanquished, or if you lay down and die. YOU DECIDE. You are a warrior. A champion. You are a conqueror and you were made for great things. You were made to win. You were made to be the hero of your own unique story. You were made to inspire. Will you lose? Or will you win?

Your mind can be rewired.
You read that right. Your mind can be rewired. This is not the end. Your brain is not simply a terrible thing that was built all wrong because of negative experiences and can’t be changed. Scientific research has shown that the pathways of the brain can be rewired. But its up to you. Its up to you to refocus your energy on the positive, to put an end to negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you want it to.

Take the first step.
It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from, everyone has regrets. Everyone. Period. But the way to get over regrets is to start again. Stop looking back and start looking forward. Think about what you want, think about how to get there, and take the first step. No excuses. No what ifs. Take the first step. And take another one, every day to progress to your goal.

The tougher your challenges, the greater is the calling on your life.
If you are facing tough challenges, if you have been, or you are down and out, know that the calling on your life is great. The contribution you have to make to the world around you is massive. In a war, what do the enemy forces focus on? The weak parts? No, they focus on the fortresses, the points of great strength. If you are being challenged, its because you are strong, and the calling on your life is great.

You are good enough.
Yes, you are good enough. Own your destiny. Get up and fight for the betterment of your situation. Fight for your future. You are not alone. Despite what the lies may tell you, you are not the only one who has faced what you are facing. Or what you have faced. There are others who have faced the same battles and won. Look for inspiration in others who have conquered. You are good enough to win.

People care.
I know it is easy to believe that nobody cares and if they see what you are going through they will react with judgement. That may be true for some people, but most people are understanding, and sympathetic because all of us go through difficulties in life. And anyone can understand a human being going through a tough time in their life. Don’t close yourself off to the world, and don’t be so hard on yourself. Again, what happens in a war? The enemy tries to isolate certain elements in order to defeat them. Don’t isolate yourself. You are not alone. Speak up, pick up that phone, send a text, reach out.

If this message has reached one struggling blogger I will be most grateful. If I have been able to inspire one person to stand up and claim the life they deserve, this will not have been written in vain. Whatever you are facing, I wish you strength, confidence and healing. Remember that you believe what you speak and write. That which you write and the words you speak, create your world.

© Copyright 2018 Ricardo Amaral (All Rights Reserved)



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